Extreme Rage All - Stars

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Extreme Rage All - Stars formerly Northside Cheerleading is based out of Milwaukee, WI. Extreme Rage All - Stars is Milwaukee's only All-Star cheerleading program. All-Star Cheerleading is a similar to AAU sports in which athletes don't represent a school, but more so a club, gym, or private organization. Youth who are Extreme Rage All-Star's travel all around the midwest attending one day cheerleading competitions. If you would like to find out more information about our teams please click the join Rage tab. Click the classes or clinics tab to find out about classes and clinics. 

Rage has set it's mission to increase the quality of cheerleading in the city of Milwaukee. Our program does this in many different ways. One is through offering a competitive cheer program whose price is below most all-star or competitive cheer programs. Our all - star program has a tuition of only $75 per month for all levels. Another is offer Stunt & Tumbling Clinics to local schools and recreation programs. In addition to the Stunt & Tumbling Clinics we also have cheerleading classes. These classes are great for those how want to learn the skills that it take to become a competitive cheerleader with out the pressure of being on a competitive cheerleading squad. Last be not least we host a cheerleading competitions each year. This is a great way for local school to get a taste of what it is like to compete in a real cheerleading competition. 

527 N 27th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53208 



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